Building Digital Awareness: How To Make A Great Impression

How do you make a great impression?


This question has plagued first dates and job interviews for decades. But when you think about it, the answer is fairly simple: it all comes down to being in the right place at the right time, and then making a genuine connection with the right people.

The same is true for digital advertising impressions.


In advertising, an impression is the number of times an ad is seen (or heard), regardless of whether it is clicked on or engaged with. For example, every time someone sees one of your ads on Facebook–even if they do not click “like” or “share”–it counts as an impression.


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Here at The Pekoe Group, we always say that someone has to see something at least six times before they think they’ve even heard of it. After all, the world today is overflowing with brands trying to grab your attention. Whether you’re on your phone or your commute, at the store or at work, you are being advertised to constantly.

So in order to break through and make that genuine connection with your audience, you have to make them aware of your brand. Impressions are the key to building awareness.

Bonus: awareness also happens to be the first step in the sales funnel, aka the first step to a conversion.


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Help your ads find the right place at the right time, connect with your audience, and ultimately, make a great impression by focusing on the who, what, when, and where:

WHO is seeing your ads.


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Precise data and analytics put the demographics and psychographics of your audience right at your fingertips, and then let you target your ads specifically to them. Learn more about how to create targeted ads on Facebook.

WHAT your ads are telling them.


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Making a connection starts with making great content. This means educating (delivering your message in a clear, simple way), engaging (talking to your audience about what sparks their interest), and entertaining (making it worth their attention). Learn more about starting a conversation that is bigger than your show.

WHEN you are sharing that message.

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When it comes to timing, think strategically. This means taking the right amount of time to build awareness (without being so far in advance that your audience loses interest), making an informed campaign based on the literal time of day or year when your audience is engaged, and creating ads reflective of (or sensitive to) big cultural moments and holidays. Here are a few dates to get your calendar going.

WHERE your ads are being displayed.


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You want your digital ads to be where your audience is. Make sure your target market is seeing your ads by either placing them on sites they will likely visit and/or remarketing ads to them using a company like AdRoll. It is also important to get the best placement available with the highest visibility whenever possible. Don’t forget to also use SEO and Google AdWords to make it easier for searchers to find you! Find out how.

Now get out there, and make an impression!