CEO Amanda Pekoe Gives Bloomberg Business The Scoop On Hamilton’s Marketing Revolution

It’s all about that buzz.

How do you get 700+ theater fans to stand outside you theater in hopes of winning a lottery ticket to your new musical? You give them something to talk about.

That’s exactly what Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton has done. With its #Ham4Ham ticket lottery that promises the hope of winning a $10 ticket (you know, the bill with Alexander Hamilton on it…) when shows are sold-out for months, plus the hope of an impromptu rap from Miranda himself with other Broadway celebs, this lottery is changing theatrical marketing.

Bloomberg Business gives you all the deets on how Hamilton is pulling off this amazing feat and came to none other than Amanda Pekoe for the inside scoop on why it really matters.

Here at The Pekoe Group, we know how much buzz matters and that it’s not simply about getting the word out – it’s about getting the word out in a way that builds excitement.

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