The Pekoe Group Begins Our West Side Story

Pekoe is making a move once more. We’re heading to the heart of Times Square–and into a brand new WeWork building–where we’re excited to be closer to our clients and safe from those long cross-town walks. However, there are a few things we’ll miss about being on the East Side…

1.     Quiet Streets

Well, “New York quiet” anyway. Sure, the hustle and bustle of the theatre district has its perks, but it’s hard not to love the calm that lives east of Fifth Avenue where there are no giant Mickeys or Elmos wanting to take your picture and no one asks if you like stand-up comedy.

2.     The Food

(Photo via TripAdvisor)

We’re definitely going to miss Patsy’s Pizzeria strategy meetings and having our pick of awesome lunch spots like Shake Shack, Luke’s Lobster, Tres Carnes, and Roti Mediterranean Grill.

3.     Grand Central Station

Getting off the train at Grand Central Station every day? It’s pretty, well, grand. A special shout-out to the Times Square Shuttle for everything it’s done for us in our back-and-forth treks over the months.

4.     Cute Public Spaces

(Photo via

Tucked behind buildings and in between streets, New York public spaces are the perfect place to hit refresh and get those creative juices flowing. Our favorite? Tudor City Greens Park!

5.     Getting the heads up from the U.N.

Whether it is the Pope or the President, being a block away from the United Nations means you always know who’s in town. Ok, so maybe we won’t miss streets full of black SUVs…

See you on the West Side!