5 Reasons to Get Excited About Digital Advertising

The world has gone digital: and with it, so has advertising. From web banners to social media ads, companies are engaging more and more with digital technology to promote their brand in a way that speaks to today’s world . . . and it’s totally awesome!


Before we dive into why digital is where you want to be, let’s take a quick look back at its history…

Long ago, when the internet was taking its first steps, digital ads were . . . forbidden (gasp!).


Two early networks (APRANET & NSFNet) didn’t think online advertising fit into their “acceptable use policies.” But in 1991, that ban started phasing out, and online ads started grabbing attention.

Email made a big splash in the early 90s, with display ads close behind, and search ads joining in just before the new millennium. Sure, there were a few rough patches. The very first spam email was sent in 1994, there was that awkward moment when pop-ups were literally everywhere, and we can all agree that Y2K was an overreaction.


But if our history has taught us anything, it’s that digital is the future.

If you’re not already a fan, here are five reasons to get excited about digital advertising:

1. It’s about to be bigger than TV.


Photo: Brand Networks

Usually, advertising dollars find themselves behind what’s working, and digital sure seems to be. eMarketer projects that in 2017, digital spending will come in at approx. $77 billion (38.4% of total US media ad spending) over television, which will total $72 billion (35.8%). By 2019, digital is expected to grow to 41.4% of ad spending.

2. It’s in the palm of your hand.


Photo: Adweek

Mobile advertising literally puts your brand in the hands of your audience. In the US, over 184.2 million people have smartphones and spend 25% of their time on them. According to Adweek, “Mobile ad revenue grew by more than 66%” in 2015. By 2018, brands are expected to spend more than $75 million more on mobile advertising than they do today.

3. It’s personal.


Photo: Megalytic

All this talk about growth and money can feel a little, well, advertisy. But actually, digital ads are a great way to get more personal. Today more than ever, we can get laser specific with who is (or could become) interested in your brand, when and where you can reach them, and what message will speak to them best. As long as you stay human and trust both your gut and the data, you’ll be able to listen to your audience and join the conversation.

4. You can actually measure its success.


Photo: Crackaloud

How do we know digital ads are working? They are trackable. One way to track digital ads is to place pixels on websites–unseen pieces of code that gather user information–that tell you useful data like exactly when a conversion goes down. Another way is to set up Google Analytics, where you can see who came to your website, when, for how long, and from where. The best part about seeing what’s working is you can see what’s NOT working, giving you a chance to shift gears and make better decisions.

5. It’s always new.


Photo: Small Business Trends

Every year, technology changes. The iPhone 7 is on its way, Snapchat has officially arrived, and Facebook now lets you post live videos. By keeping up with the latest trends, you can not only find new ways to shape and deliver your messaging, you can discover what will grab your audience’s attention.

Like we said, digital is the future, and the future is looking bright. After all, it promises a better way to spend your budget, get to know your audience, and track your results. If that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is.