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The Power of Micro-Influencers: Smaller Audience, Bigger Impact

There are over 2 billion social media users worldwide and, somehow, even more opinions about how to engage with them. One trend that is currently skyrocketing across marketing strategies is the use of “social media influencers” to reach audiences through non-traditional advertising. These accounts have established themselves through a specific fan base, varying from celebrities with over a million […]

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The State of Broadway: Part I

As the 2017-2018 Broadway season nears its final weeks, producers and performers alike are hoping to be a part of the next big hit that stays on the Great White Way for years to come. With more and more high-profile shows hoping for a lengthy lease on their theater, we combed through all 790 Broadway […]

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Happy Birthday Lisa & Alex!

Go shorty, it’s your birthday! And by shorty, we mean the loveliest of lovelies, Lisa & Alex! A little background on these two August-born heartthrobs: Advertising Coordinator Lisa can place an ad like nobody’s business and Traffic Assistant Alex makes sure nothing throws off the TPG groove. So to tell them just how glad we […]

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